It’s a very lazy Saturday afternoon as I sit by the pool with my friend Pawitra. It may be late December, but the Pokhara sun is shining warmly on us as we recline on the poolside lounge chairs.

            There is a group of teenagers who are swimming in the pool. It’s not quite that warm today for me to go into the pool, but we watch the teenagers splashing around as the boys are trying to impress the local girls. The boys seem to be doing a good job of it, as the girls are watching them with wide eyes and bright smiles.

            We are at the Waterfront Resort, a wonderful deluxe hotel right on Phewa Lake in Pokhara.  We are in the shadows of the mighty snowcapped peaks of the Annapurna Mountains that tower majestically over us. Our interest waivers between watching the antics of the teenagers and viewing the high mountain peaks, surrounded by the brilliant blue skies of the Himalayas. But, besides Pawitra, there is even more calling for our attention. The Waterfront Resort is located right next to the landing spot for the hundreds of paragliders that take off from Sarangkot Hill every day.


            Pokhara is located in western Nepal, and it has become Nepal’s playground. This wonderful city on the lake draws people from around the world. It has the world class beauty of the Himalaya reflecting in the amazing blue waters of Phewa Lake. Such natural beauty makes it a perfect magnet for people to return to year after year. Paragliding has become a very popular sport in Pokhara, and for hours, we can sit and watch the gliders land with their colorful parachutes that fold up behind them as they gently touch the ground. Behind them sparkle the beautiful blue waters of Phewa Lake. Waterfront Resort opened in January of 2012 and features 58 rooms and three suites. What is truly wonderful is that from each room, you can see the lake. I relax at night in a large, comfortable bed with the peacefulness of the night. From my open window, I can look upon the beauty of the lake, even as lights begin to reflect in its surface once the sun goes down.

            Waterfront Resort is located very close to the Lakeside area, which is the popular place for visitors to go. The resort is just an easy 10 minute walk away. Yet, because of its location, there is none of the noise that rocks Lakeside area at night. You can easily walk into town, party as long as you want, and return to your room for a very pleasant and quiet night’s sleep. Pawitra and I are watching some buffalo and goats graze in the landing area. The place where the paragliders land can never be built on, according to the Hotel’s manager. No matter how much Lakeside may get built up in the years to come, Waterfront Resort will always have its peaceful setting, never losing its magnificent view of this mountain lake.


            The hotel grounds, besides its very large outdoor pool, are beautifully landscaped with plenty of bright, colorful flowers. Even though this is December, the beds of flowers explode with vibrant colors.